Hardlight Weapons

Hardlight Weapons are separate entities manifested out of a gem’s gemstone. Summoning a Hardlight Weapon requires at least 1 unoccupied arm with the exception of a Hardlight Helmet which only requires an unoccupied head. All hardlight weapons can count as Held Objects, though if the summoner is not holding the weapon for more than 1 turn the weapon poofs. A gem must wait 6 turns before they can resummon a poofed Hardlight Weapon. A gem can only have one active Hardlight Weapon at a time without Mulitsummoning. Summoning consumes 1 Action Slot as usual.

Limb Enhancers

Limb Enhancers are cybernetic extensions which elongate a gem’s body. They occupy their respective limbs, but do not count as Held Objects. A gem cannot remove her Limb Enhancers without using special equipment or by being disarmed or poofed, but Limb Enhancers can be attached at any time. Arm Enhancers function the same as arms in that they can be occupied by 1 object at a time. Additionally, if a gem only has 1 Leg Enhancer attached then subtract 2 from her Movement Speed.