Era One, Two, Three, and Advanced Technology Proficiency Ranks(E1TR, E2TR, E3TR, ADVR) are used for interactions with technology. A Technology Roll is a 1d20 plus the gem’s relevant Era Technology Rank for the era the technology being used, and each Era Technology Rank costs 2pp.

Equipment are technology, including non-hardlight weapons, that are not intended to move their user while vehicles are technology that when piloted can move the user. A gem cannot successfully interact with an eras equipment or vehicles until she has unlocked the respective usability.

To interact with technology that a gem has never interacted with before she must do a Technology Roll for the relevant era. The threshold for success is up to the discretion of the GM paying mind towards the user's roll. If the roll is successful the gem can use the technology and other identical technologies without needing to do Technology Rolls in the future. However if the roll fails the gem cannot attempt another Technology Roll for that and other identical technologies until she reaches her next TR for the relevant era.

Repairing, Reconstructing, and Modding

Gems can only repair, reconstruct, or mod technologies that they have the ability to use, and to do so a gem does a Technology Roll for the relevant era. The required length of time for the project is up to the discretion of the GM paying mind towards the success of the roll.


Crafting allows gems to make era specific technology using the necessary materials without needing to have used the crafted technology before. The process for crafting is the same as it it for repairing, reconstructing, and modding.

Advanced Technology

ADVRs can not be unlocked until the gem has been made sufficiently aware of advanced technology. The awareness required is up to the discretion of the GM.