Social Proficiency Ranks(SPR) are used mostly for interactions with other characters outside of combat and for how fusion gems will turn out in regards to their ranks and abilities. A Social Role is 1d20 plus the character’s SPR, and each SPR costs 2pp.

The success of lying, persuasion, verbal intimidation, and other similar types of communication tactics depend on a gem’s Social Role versus her target’s Social Role. However, if the GM determines Caste-Position is relevant to the situation, which it normally would be, then the difference between the two gems’ Caste-Positions should be added to the Social Roll of the gem with the higher position.


Fusion is when two or more gems phase their bodies and consciousnesses into each others creating a larger, more powerful gem. Homo-Fusion is when gems with the same gemstones fuse, and Hetero-Fusion is when gems with different gemstones fuse. Homo-Fusion performed outside of combat or exquisite social events and Hetero-Fusion as a whole are explicitly frowned upon within gem society with the general reaction of onlookers falling between confused and disgusted. Any number of gems can attempt a fusion together, but all gems involved must consent to the fusion for the fusion to be successful. Attempting a Homo-Fusion requires no fusion dance and consumes 1 Action Slot while attempting a Hetero-Fusion does and consumes 2 Action Slots. Gems with attached Limb Enhancers cannot fuse.

A fusion gem has the combined Base Health, hp, highest character ranks, and all the Gemstone Abilities of is component gems. The Base Size of a fusion in tiles is the number of its components rounded to the nearest perfect square, and a Hetero-Fusion has also has the combined Base Number of Arms of all her component gems.

A fusion cannot receive pp, but each of its component gems receive the amount of pp their fusion would have earned individually.

Forming a Fusion Gem

To do a fusion each component gem must be standing next to another, in combat, this means the gems must be standing on connected tiles. If a gem does not have the relevant type of fusion unlocked to fuse she can not initiate a fusion, however if she does she can initiate a fusion with agem who does not.

Do 1 Social Roll for each component gem except the instigator. If the combined sum of the rolls is higher than the number of components times 7 for Homo-Fusions and 14 for Hetero-Fusions, then the fusion is successful.

Any time a fusion forms during an encounter she must do a new Combat Roll to determine the order of her turn.

Mechanics of a Fusion Gem

For a fusion gem to do anything including speaking, all the components must agree to do the thing in question. Alternatively, a component may do a Social Roll to make a unilateral action to which the other components can do counter Social Rolls which if combined are higher than the original roll then the action is overruled. Not all other components are required to contribute to counter rolls.

A fusion gem can summon any of its components Hardlight Weapons that have been unlocked. She can also fuse her Hardlight Weapons into a new weapon that has all the Hardlight Weapon Abilities and the highest Base Stats of each of its component weapons. Additionally, a fusions’ Unoccupied Arm Base Melee Damage is multiplied by the number of its components. Duplicates of Gemstone Abilities or Hardlight Weapon Abilities that have been unlocked have no effect additional effect in a fusion.

Joining and Leaving a Fusion Gem

If a player wants to join a fusion gem the same process for creating the fusion should be repeated, and if the process is successful the player joins and the fusion is adjusted accordingly, and if the process fails then nothing happens.

If a component wants to separate from her fusion gem she must have the consent of or do a Social Roll higher than any combined counter rolls done by the other components. The separating gem takes with her an appropriate fraction of hp, rounded down if necessary, that is at least 9hp even if it would bring the fusion gem’s hp below 1hp.

If a fusion gem is poofed each its components are thrown with 9hp on to random tiles where the fusion gem was. Each former component gem skips her next turn.

Gems have their Base Number of Arms when they exit a fusion gem no matter how many they had when they entered.